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2022 Board Elections

The Chicago Chapter of Phius Alliance is pleased to present four candidates for consideration for four open board positions. 

If you are a member, you will receive a ballot by email at the beginning of May. You have until May 18th to complete voting. If you did not receive a ballot, please email Tony Holub at [email protected].

The Phius Alliance Chicago would like to thank all of the members who have submitted their names for consideration. 

**Since we are a membership organization, only current members of the Phius Alliance Chicago are eligible to run and vote. Become a member now. (If you’re not a member yet but would like to become one in order to run or vote, please email Tony Holub at [email protected].)

Learn About the 2022 Candidates

Tom Bassett-Dilley

Architect, CPHC, TBDA

Tom Bassett-Dilley is an architect and CPHC whose firm, TBDA, is focused on climate change mitigation and health. Tom was a founding member of the Phius Alliance Chicago chapter and has been active with the group since its beginning. TBDA is active on numerous Passive House projects as architect and consultant (for larger projects), and enjoys sharing about these projects with the Phius community. 

Jennifer Hamm

I have been serving as a board member since 2017 and would be honored to continue doing so. My background is in art history with a focus on the history of architecture and photography and I have a long time passion for sustainable building and, in particular, passive building principles. My role on the board has been as secretary and I’ve been the one responsible for building/managing our website, youtube channel, newsletter and other online presence. 
My interest in the Phius Alliance is primarily from the perspective of homeowners and figuring out ways to make passive buildings more accessible to the general market and move the adoption of passive building principles into the mainstream.

Phil Schmidt, Registered Architect, PHIUS CPHC®

Architect, Figure Ground Architecture LLC

I’d like to nominate/volunteer myself for a board position in our Chicago chapter. My name is Phil Schmidt and I’m a local architect and passive house consultant. My PH experience includes being the lead project architect for Landon Bone Baker’s LUCHA Tierra Linda 6-flat, the first multifamily passive house in Chicago. I’ve also worked as a freelance CPHC and energy modeler. As an architect, I’m primarily focused on residential deep energy retrofits. I’ve been passionate about Passive House for around 8 years now and certified for 3.5. I used to attend monthly a few years back and have just gotten back into the swing of regular attendance in the past few months. During Covid, I’ve really felt the desire to reconnect to like-minded Passive House folks and have found the meetups both educational and rewarding. I’m particularly looking forward to hopefully having these get togethers be in person, spurring more spontaneous socializing.
In the past I’ve served as a board member and co-founder of the Chicago chapter of Architecture for Humanity. Looking forward to being of service and becoming more deeply involved with PH Alliance!

Curtis Stewart

Curtis Stewart is a CPHC and has served as Board Treasurer for Passive House Chicago since 2017. For UL Verification Services, Inc. He is a Sales Executive, Advisory within UL’s Asset and Sustainability Performance unit, providing energy efficiency, sustainability, and IAQ services to buildings. Curtis has also been a local advocate for ADUs through Coach House Builders, LLC and participates on the Development Advisory Board of One Tail At A Time animal rescue.