Evaluating Residential Retrofits – with Tom Bassett-Dilley

Tom Bassett-Dilley presents on five deep energy retrofits in the Chicago region, highlighting retrofit techniques, materials, and mechanicals, and using energy modeling to demonstrate 75-100% energy reduction. This is an expanded version of his PhiusCon 2021 presentation.

About the Presenter

Tom Bassett-Dilley founded his firm in 2006 to pursue sustainability as contemporary design based on region, climate, and context. Toward that end, he became a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC©) in 2010 to learn advanced energy modeling, building science, and principles of conservation exemplified by the Passive House standard. He is a founding member and past President of the Chicago Passive House Alliance chapter, and is currently the Midwest Regional Phius Alliance rep. Tom has presented numerous times for the Chicago chapter and at Phius’ annual conferences. His first certified project was completed in 2013, with many more fully certified, pre-certified, and more PH projects currently in the works, including a 45-unit Phius Zero apartment building. Tom sees the beauty of the Passive approach in its ability to optimize energy design concurrently with architectural design, its tendency toward simplicity in form and glazing, and its tendency to require “tuning” a building to site-specific solar access.